Our Story

It all started when our founder Pedro (a business owner himself) couldn't find an EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) system that works the way he wants, and doesn't cost a fortune. He set out to build from the ground up a system and software that just works to deliver.

A decade down the line, the WeePos system is used by a host of businesses across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our Principles

Our three principles haven't changed since our founding. We follow them everyday.


The WeePos system is built and supplied by our own state of the art manufacturing depot in Seoul, South Korea.

Since we build and supply both the hardware and the software, we know exactly what our customers needs are, fine tuning it continuisly.


We deliver systems that are advanced, but easy to use. We work with our customers to provide the most efficient yet cost effective systems. Our experienced fleet of  engineers are on hand whenever you need them, from installation to support.


We provide the best support network to never leave our customers alone. We are always there, to achieve the best possible solutions with our clients. We are trusted, and here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.